Saturday, May 27, 2006

What is the 98% Solution?--EXE Series style

Is it the Matrix? Is it somehow tied to Pareto and his ingenious 80/20 rule? Most importantly, can you decipher the code and crack the 98% solution?

Some answers you must find for yourself, but we do all live in a matrix of our own creation….our own mind. The actions you take are governed by the dominant beliefs and values in your head.

When you become aware of this matrix you have created you become very powerful. If it is serving you results other than what you want go in and change it.

Let’s talk for a moment about Google’s 70% solution. Much has been said about it. For the uninitiated it is this:

-Focus 70% of your time on activities that directly pay you the lion’s share of your income (in Google’s case ‘core search’).

-Focus 30% of your time on innovation and new product development.

This is an invaluable insight you can start using today. But what is the 98% solution as it pertains to you?

Imagine this scene like something straight out of a movie. There is a man walking all alone in the middle of this vast expanse that is a desert wasteland. There is nothing and no one as far as the eye can see.

His shoulders are slumped forward, head looking down toward the ground, he is beaten and broken. He searches but for what we know not.

All the grains of sand all around him will not quench his thirst. There is a dry, suffocating heat all around him that stalks his spirit like a mongoose on a King Cobra.

And then as if by magic he sees 3 Oasis’ on the desert horizon. He immediately perks up and begins running toward them (though very slow due to his exhaustion and dehydration).

-The 1st one he gets to is a mirage, nothing more than the same old sand. He gets very discouraged.
-The 2nd one is a false oasis with water unfit to drink. He dips in anyway to the dirty water and it tastes foul.
-The 3rd one is his salvation…pure, clean thirst-quenching drinking water at last.

So who is this man and why am I telling you his tale? Because he is YOU! The desert sand is your friends, family and other uninterested parties the gurus tell you to go after. This desert sand won’t quench your thirst for business success and sales. It definitely can’t be deposited into your bank account.

The suffocating heat and dryness are your competition in your chosen business field. They are also the other non-competing businesses seeking your target people’s attention. It is a dog-eat-dog world and you must outmaneuver these 2 forces to win.

-The 1st oasis mirage is you seeing what you want to see. This supports your current mental state. It is the easiest solution closest to you.

-The 2nd oasis are false prophets and scamsters telling you what to believe to get you to open your wallet so they can take what they want without giving to you. Also, the gurus who tell you of instant wealth with zero effort.

-The 3rd oasis is your holy grail. It is the true solution that people with integrity will show you. If you decide to accept the offer it saves your life (or business in this case).

We have all heard the horrifying, gory stat that 98% of people who start a home business fail. So what is the 98% solution? It is…finding the true oasis and dipping into the pure drinking water. In your business it is EXE Series MARKETING.

You fish in ponds of hungry fish who want the bait you have. You can do this through the internet very easily. Think of the search terms people who want what you have would use to find you and then setup a page to capture their imagination and attention.

Then of course you follow-up and show them why your business is an excellent choice for them and give them the opportunity to work with you and have access to your expertise. Online marketing is the best way to find them.

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Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans

Friday, May 19, 2006

Confessions of a Home Biz Junkie--EXE Series is the Remedy

I have been involved in many mlm and direct sales companies over the span of my 9 year career. It has given me vast insight into the industry. Also, I have learned more about myself and the secret key ingredients to success that so few people learn and even fewer apply.

My experiences have been my greatest teacher though all were preceded by learning from someone already successful at what I currently wanted to do. I hate the idea of "making my own mistakes" when I could just as easily learn from someone else's. Even still, there have been many spectacular failures along with the successes.

Sometimes you will be ready to receive success, other times you won't. There may still be a lesson you must learn to be worthy of the success you seek.

The Laundry List of Companies in my past:
-Equinox International (health supplies)
-Amway (roped into a meeting at Denny's only)
-Excel Communications (phone services)
-Quest International (financial training)
-EXE Series (internet marketing explained)
-Networth USA (real estate training)
-Direct Matches (business networking)

It may seem like I jump from company to company and in hindsight I did. Also, my powers of perception were weak enough to make me susceptible to some scams (12 daily pro being the most glaring). But I regret none of it because you have to be open or nothing happens in your life.

So, over the 9 years of blood, sweat and tears what have I learned you ask? Too many things to tell you in this short article but I will give you the keys so you can avoid my mistakes.

1. Do some due diligence. Don't beat a dead horse so you never have to make a decision. But search "company name scam" or "company name reviews" in your favorite engine. If 1 or 2 bad things or even a few hundred no big deal. If millions, watch out. Also, talk to others already in the company to get there take.

Immediately read the policies and procedures of those companies you are interested in. You want to see if there are any red flags (ongoing recruiting, minimum 4 sales per month, etc.) that can allow the company to steal the check you've built. Then make the best decision for you based on the info you have.

Once you decide (quickly but not without relevant info) stand fast to it, resolve never to quit, and GET INTO ACTION.

2. Find a mentor. Go as high up your upline as you need to in locating someone who is achieving the success you desire. This has been my largest realization though it seems obvious. Then make sure to follow AND apply their advice.

3. Find a mastermind group. This can be as easy as getting on your company or team's training calls. Every good company should provide written, audio, and video training. Or find a couple of people above your level of achievement to exchange ideas with. In person is best, but teleconference will do. Put the ideas into action immediately.

4. Map out where you want to be in 6 months and 1 year from today. As humans our brains are goal-seeking units. Give yourself a target to aim for so you'll at least know you hit or missed and what to do from there. Be specific with money goals, size of your team, number of leaders you will develop, and skills you will learn.

5. Break down the global list into small, consistent action steps you will take everyday. This will keep you focused (my past nemesis to success) and allow you to know and see how you are going to accomplish them. Huge goals are beyond our understanding and never get done. Many small, simple steps added up allow us to reach those big goals.

6. Have a basic understanding of your compensation plan. You don't have to know every detail but enough to know what pays you. Different comp plans are better suited to different personality types. Type in "4 personality types" in your favorite search for more info on what you are and the comp plan that best allows your success.

7. Now that you know what activities pay you, suck out those that don't and spend a higher percentage of your time on those that do. Successful people I have seen spend 80-90% of their WORKING time (play is also important) on money retrieving activity.

8. Know that setbacks will come. The universe will send you tests and challenges. Weather them, stay in the game and focused on your goals, and ride them out.

9. Review and revise along the way. Go to the end of your goals and work backward to figure out what must happen to achieve them. At the end of each month look at what happened and adjust your actions if you are not achieving your written goals.

10. Enjoy the journey and commit to learning along the way. That is what being a leader is all about. Lead from the front and by example and have fun while doing it. You will meet great people along the way so combine high tech with high touch.

These are the main things experience has taught me. You must have some kind of marketing system that generates leads for you. The big boys in the industry use the internet so do what they do.

Remember, you are building your cash flow long-term so don't think it's a sprint. Resolve to have a marathoner's spirit.

The greatest thing about home businesses is that you put out tremendous effort today and the rewards come back to you over and over and over again. There are some scams but the industry is strong and if you ever want financial independence this is the cheapest, best, easiest way to do it.

Traditional businesses and franchises cost hundreds of thousands to start. Most home businesses are less than $1000 to start.

So get up off your butt and start taking the action that will allow you to achieve all the dreams you have for your life. Become your own personal genie and grant yourself unlimited wishes.

Clint Evans - mentor, leads and marketing coach. My system is: simple enough for a 10 year old, fast enough for you, effective like a lion on a 3-legged antelope. Visit: simple internet marketing explained.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sterling Valentine, and EXE Series?

I was recently impressed with the exploits of one Sterling Valentine. His project was ambitious, his vision grand, and his commitment level is what set him apart and really impressed me. He stood up at an internet marketing conference with some gurus in attendance and announced he was going to make $100,000 in only 90 days starting from scratch.

He had NO LIST, NO PRODUCT, AND NO PARTNERS. So he set an amazing goal for himself and pulled a Cortes. Cortes as you may remember was the great Spanish Conquistador that conquered the entrenched Aztec civilization. They greatly outnumbered the Spaniards and had the benefit of being on defense and knowing the lay of the land. Cortes burned his boats, let his men watch them burn, and told them there was no way home....the only way they could go is forward or perish.

Sterling Valentine of followed Cortes' lead. He quit his job, sold some stuff to finance his project and began his travels. He left no way was $100k or bankruptcy in 90 days. This commitment level and the subsequent actions he took are astounding and will allow him to achieve his 90 day goal.

He traveled around the world and made action happen that created the result he wanted which is now a dvd and cd product package. Some of the greatest internet marketer in the world came out of the woodworks to work with this guy. Some reclusive guys who had not been seen in months or years!

EXE Series is a commitment you can make as well. Burn your boats and decide that you will succeed no matter what. Measure your results and see what you are doing well and what part of your sales and marketing process needs to be improved. Make the commitment to constant improvement and your prosperity will soon follow.

Sterling committed and I just checked his site and he has made $50,000 profit in the 1st 24 hours of releasing his product. Follow his lead with your EXE Series business. If you have not yet joined then take action right now and join Scott Reese and me. 623 of our friends have already made the life altering decision to join with us and EXESeries is only 3 months old.

We are training the greatest sales force in the world. This is better than any college education you could get (I know because I did the college thing) and far cheaper than college. Unlike college you get info that is working to retrieve your money that others have for you instead of just having a "cute" piece of paper on the wall in a "pretty" little frame.

So get up off your butt and take action. Be like Sterling Valentine and make a commitment. Even if you are only willing to commit 1 hour per day to your marketing and business growth, doing this everyday will have a tremendous compounding effect on your bank account over the next 6 months. So get started right now and improve everyday along the way.

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Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans

Monday, May 08, 2006

Why 97% of people are bug guts on the windshield of life

Why is it that only 3% of people who live are successful?

It does not matter what your definition of success is the 3% rule applies. Success is a relative term that means many different things to different groups of people.

To achieve any success and those who have achieved success, you must have a clear vision of what you want and where you are going. Having specific written goals that will get you to your intended destination. This is the common thread that universally all achievers have and universally all mediocre people fail to have.

As humans we are goal seeking mechanisms and most people just don't know what they want so can never get it. EXE Series is a great home biz that can solve a huge problem of not having enough people to talk to. But it can't solve you not knowing what you want.

In the 1950's and again in the 1970's there was a study done of Harvard and Yale MBA graduates.

  • 3% knew exactly what they wanted and had clear, specific, written goals
  • 12% had a vague, unwritten idea of what they wanted
  • 85% had no clue what they wanted
10 years later they caught up with the graduates. The 12% group was making DOUBLE the income of the 85% group which is phenomenal. Here's the really amazing part.

The 3% group was making 10 TIMES the income of both other groups COMBINED!!

So which of the 3 groups are you in right now? Which do you want to be in? Contact me through my simple EXE Series site if you want to move into that 3% group.

Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Ridiculously High Failure Rate of Home Business--What Causes It? Part 2

As we discussed in part 1 the school system is largely to blame for the lack of business knowledge. However, becoming aware of this fact is half the battle.

Dwelling on this fact will only lead to a victim mentality. Knowing this you can seek out the proper knowledge and leaders you need to succeed.

Having a solid leadership group and structure will go a long way to insuring your success. I feel like myself and the 2 leaders I work with in EXE Series are that structure.

You want to know that your leaders have done it before and blazed the trail for you, will support you and be available when you need help, and will provide mentoring to you and guide you to resources that will help you succeed.

Ron Mead the guy I work with makes $18,000 per month selling real estate books and an ebook on internet marketing. He has blazed the trail. I have been in the home business arena for 9 years and have had some spectacular successes and failures.

I have learned much in that time and bring that knowledge to all my people. The way most companies and leaders teach only works for the salespeople and the 5% full-timers. Get what can work for you here from Scott Reese's creativity.

To always have someone to talk to about your business--EXE Series.

Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Ridiculously High Failure Rate of Home Business--What Causes It?

EXE Series is a mind shifting education that can take care of one of the problems most businesses have--not enough interested people to talk to. This is maybe the biggest cause of failure in the home business arena and EXESeries is the simple cure.

I had a talk with a lady named Lana in Florida and she told me she had found my EXE Series site along with about 8-10 others. She said any of those sites without a phone number listed she immediately closed out. She also said my personal audio message had a huge impact on her decision to contact me. She said it gave her a good feeling about me and separated me from the pack.

These are the great insights into why most people fail with their own home businesses. Most people do not understand business, sales copy, putting their contact info up as a way to increase trust, and so forth. Our school system teaches us how to be employees not business owners.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article....

Join EXESeries now and take your business to the next level.

Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Transparency Revisited-EXE Series Style

In one of my first articles here we talked about how important it is in today's environment on the web to have transparency. It is absolutely essential.

People expect to be able to email or snail mail you but they also want to know that they can pick up the phone and dial you even though 80-90% never will. They also want to know that you will pick up or at least get back to them promptly (within an hour or 2, same day at the latest) if you REALLY ARE on the other line.

The days of hiding behind websites have gone the way of the dinosaur. I love dinosaurs and learning more about them but they are extinct. With everyone (or almost everyone) having a website these days and them being so easy to setup, simply having one is no major accomplishment.

How you use it is what will set you apart. It is not sexy but some age old concepts apply that will allow you to achieve massive success and rise above the heap of 10 billion average sites.

Those concepts are to provide good fresh content, respect your visitors and their needs, represent good & useful products, and ALWAYS provide fast & timely customer service and follow-up.

The bar is set low boys and girls. I saw a statistic that 80% of all sites take more than 48 hours to respond to inquiries and 60% NEVER RESPOND AT ALL!

There is a void to be filled here. Will you fill it and separate yourself from the pack? EXE Series is a simple course that can show you how, from master educator Scott Reese.

Get started with me and EXE Series now!

Until next time.....

Health, Wealth and Happiness to You,

Clint Evans